Thursday, November 11, 2010

can you hear me now?

La la la, I really have no idea if anyone can read this right now... Isn't that sad? I couldn't read the blog for a while yesterday, but otherwise it's actually had no problem for ME in the last few days. That may not be the case for the rest of you. So I don't know if it's working or not. The uptime monitor thing I signed up for says it was only down for 5% of the day (at least I think that's what the number gibberish meant) but I'm not sure that means anything. It says it's up right now but I still can't see the blog on my phone, so there must still be a problem. So I'm kind of not really blogging. Not that I have anything useful to say anyway. My arm is still swollen from that stupid sting on Saturday. It's localized, but still itchy. Did I tell you my arm gained 1.5 in circumference at its worst? Rad.


Jan Blawat said...

I can finally access your blog after many days of not being able to, however it loads very slowly.

Unknown said...

I'm able to see your blog today, but I wasn't the last time you posted. It seems to be only about every 2-3 days/tries that I can access your blog. Hope you can get that sorted out soon!

And I hope your arm gets better soon too!

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks for commenting! I was hoping things were returning to normal but I've gotten a handful of failure notices already this morning. Dang it! This is really annoying! I think it's time to pester my web host again.