Sunday, November 28, 2010

November 28 work in progress and other stuff

First and foremost, The Pioneer Woman is right. If you make her cinnamon rolls, all your other achievements in life become obsolete, because suddenly you will be known only for your cinnamon rolls. As a side note though, for you engravers reading this, THIS is my style of scrollwork! It's the only way I like making scrolls! ;-)

Okay, there are two finished pieces to show you but I need their owners to see them first. Stay tuned.

I have two pieces that I've just started, so I'll be dividing my time between these two things in the next while:

"Missy" (Sheltie dog)
scrimshaw engraving on pre-ban elephant ivory
sold (commission)

And I know this doesn't look like anything yet, but there really is a drawing sketched out on that gray paper. :-)

not yet titled
will be colored pencil and graphite
10x10.5 inches
sold (commission)

Oh, and for anyone who's interested, remember three weeks ago when I got stung on the arm by a wasp or yellowjacket or something? There's still a slightly red blotch on my arm. It's not very noticeable unless my arm gets hot (washing dishes or something). Three weeks! Cripes.


Jan Blawat said...

Maybe you and Ree make your cinnamon rolls from scratch. I, myself, make WOP rolls. You know, you wop the package on the counter and pull the ready-made rolls out and bake them? But the fellows I'm feeding aren't particular.

Katherine Plumer said...

That would feel like cheating if I did that. I don't even like to use cake mix. said...

Yeah, I like home-from-scratch better myself.
I tried to make some cinnamon rolls once (after watching them make 'em in the mall at that magically-smelling place I can't seem to remember the name of). It looked sooooooo easy when they were doing it through the glass, I got inspired and wanted to give it a go myself. Of course, it wasn't as "easy as it looked" and they didn't turn out even nearly as good! Arrrgg. I need to find a better recipe and try it again. How large of a circular pan did you use, Katherine? They look huge from the camera angle!