Monday, November 29, 2010

could it be wider?

Okay, question for those of you reading this: Would it fit on your monitor if the blog was wider? Would you like it better if it was wider? A friend's blog got me wondering about this, and apparently 960 is the new 800 (pixels, that is). I hate to go messin' with the website after I just did all that work, but maybe wider websites would be better?


Bob Easton said...

I like wider, at least a little. I also like 1 column too, with all the rest of the "stuff" at the bottom. Not very conventional, but allows bigger pics. Click my name to see what I mean.

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks! It'll definitely stay two-columns though. :-)

Unknown said...

Been meaning to say that I'm glad I can read your blog again after you were having hosting issues! :)

Wider would work on my laptop, which is 1280x768 (16:9 widescreen). I think more people are using at least that resolution now. Or if they don't have widescreen, they are at least using 1024x768.

I love your new website, by the way. I like the clean look of the central beige column with the plum-colored background flanking it on either side (background color choice was no coincidence, I'm guessing?). The website looks stellar on my computer as it is now, and actually I prefer it not spread out across my widescreen display. But your blog's central column is not as wide as the central column on the rest of your website - so I think you could start by making your blog the same width to fit in uniformly.

Jan Blawat said...

I like it the way it is.

dougzilla said...

Well, as the Pontiac commercial once said, "Wider is better". Made me giggle though... ;-)

Katherine Plumer said...

I knew somebody would go there. ;-) said...

Hi! Wider would look better on my screen.
And while I have never actually met your brother, yessss, he would be the one to make the "joke".


Ranch Life Photography - Preserving the West one photo at a time said...

I'd like them wider.

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