Saturday, November 13, 2010

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So supposedly the blog was "up" for 94% of the day. Well color me skeptical, because I'm still getting emails from people who frantically can't find it and think I moved it. I can see it again on my phone, so that seems to be some progress. I don't know what to say. Asking if y'all can read this is kind of futile, because if you can't then obviously you can't answer. Sigh. Technology. The blog is fine. The domain is fine. But there's this itty bitty part that's supposed to redirect the domain to blogger and that's on the fritz. There's nothing *I* can actually do, short of moving the whole thing, which just opens another can of worms because then people really won't find it!

I have to say that the weather lately is fantastic. I love fall!!!!

The grass is growing in the pastures. The horses think anyone who comes out to see them must have treats, so it's always worth checking:

To Shylah's dismay, I actually penned her up in the corrals today. She doesn't need to be consuming that much grass, she's already much too round. Gwen, on the other hand, who is getting rather elderly despite not being all that old (24ish?) could use all the groceries she can eat, so I let her into the far pasture today. She says this is a good thing:

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Anonymous said...

I can read your blog on my old home computer this weekend. I will try again on the work computer come monday. -BMc