Wednesday, April 29, 2009

strawberry jam anyone?

It's that time of year when the strawberries are ripe and I'm in the mood to make some jam (well, as soon as I finish this urgent scrimshaw stuff). I am planning to make jam in the middle of May. The apricots/plums/peaches/nectarines won't be ready til July or August so I don't want to think about those yet, BUT it's strawberry time! And I make darn good jam, let me tell ya.

Prices are the same as last year:

$6 per half pint jar
shipping $12 for up to 6 jars (I know, it ain't cheap, but these things weigh about a pound each and it's more economical to use the Priority Flat Rate boxes, even shipping one jar is about this much, so you're better off getting a few!)

If you're local, feel free to come get them. Let me know! PayPal to or money order to Katherine Plumer, PO Box 703, Wilton, CA 95693. Or I can take credit cards over the phone if that floats your boat.

Order by May 5, please.

Shipping to US only.

You'll love it! :-)

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