Saturday, April 18, 2009

chickeny thoughts

I am selling my prettiest bird tomorrow, my Golden Duckwing cockerel. He and the only female I have are going to a young exhibitor who lives not too far away, and he's excited to work with these birds. I had a lot of second thoughts about parting with the GDW project, but I was only two generations into it, and I think I need to focus my chickeny efforts on perfecting the BBReds. Besides, I still have the "It" hen, so there's still one bird out there carrying gold or silver or whatever the heck they are carrying.

I still have a very very huge bird decision to make though, and have been absolutely agonizing over it. I thought I had decided to sell the whole Brassy/Blue Brassy flock, but now I'm second-guessing like mad. Is is the right thing to do? Probably. They should be with someone who can raise a lot and show a lot (what I used to do). I just hate to see them go, and I haven't managed to totally commit to it yet. I'd miss them, but they'd be in good hands, and I could re-focus on the original project, the BBReds.

Big decisions are not easy.

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