Wednesday, April 01, 2009

ramblings and ponderings

The day began with cat barf. Thank you Olin. *sigh*

I finished the Sheltie scrim. I want my client to be the first to see it completed though, so y'all are just going to have to wait. Hopefully she'll check her email tomorrow. (If she's reading this, hi!!)

I was lamenting not having drawing projects to balance out all the scrimshaw stuff. Well DUH, I have a two page list I made this summer after The Adventure, perhaps this means it's time to start a new masterpiece from the list. :-) It's hard for me to spend an entire day at the microscope. Ergonomically it's still not a perfect setup, so my preference is to be able to alternate between different projects.

I've been debating how much to show of the knife scrim I'll be doing. On one hand I like to show things only when I'm done, that way you don't know what to expect and can just be wowed and amazed by the finished piece. On the other hand I DO like people see what goes into creating this stuff and give people a behind-the-scenes look at what I do. Does that make it less exciting to see the final piece though when you've been watching it in progress all along? (Comments greatly appreciated). It would give me a chance to explain a concept I was telling someone about that I call "drawing from the inside out." That is, understand the skeleton to understand the surface.

Oh, so back to that two page list I made of drawing ideas... reminds me of Jackson Hole. Speaking of Jackson Hole, wasn't I supposed to hear from the Miniature Show by the end of March? Isn't it now April? Hmm. I thought I remembered reading that the selections would be made in January and applicants would be notified by the end of March. I have not heard a word. I emailed them a couple days ago and got a reply that the person I need to talk to is out of town til April 10. Sigh. My assumption at this point is that I did not get in, but for my own sanity (what's left of it) I NEED to know.

Thinking about that trip always brings a smile. :-)

Tomorrow I am going birdwatching with a bunch of little kids. This should be interesting....

Sometimes I feel like I'm just writing to hear the sound of my fingers tapping on the keyboard. I guess to some extent I blog for me, it's handy to have record of what I'm doing. But really, seriously, I know there are a decent number of people reading this (though I did lose the ability to track it when I moved the blog, boo) and it's really super when people comment. Hint hint. Come on, show a chicken lady some love. Secret admirers, stalkers, long lost friends, crazy family, I know you're out there (okay except the secret admirers, I don't think you exist).

Anyway. Uh, I think I'll go to bed.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so you are not alone out ther in cyber world. I think it is cool to see the progress early on and then if you held of on the latter half or 3/4 of the project, then I find it really surprising. I think you did that accidentally a couple times. It was really neat. -BM

Candy-O said...

Hello there! I found you during a search for Rakkasha pics for this year (still not up yet). I have also been researching backyard chickens.

The odds of finding another bellydancer with chickens?! The mind reels.

Jan Blawat said...

You know I'm here every day. Some folks haven't figured out the procedure yet (I get emails from these types about my blog). They need to know to just check "Anonymous" at the bottom of the selections if they aren't a Googler. Then write the comments in the little box and type the characters of the nonsense word shown for word verification and hit "Publish Your Comment." And I know what you mean, it's nice to hear from people.

Anonymous said...

Crazy family here. Never miss a day...

Unknown said...

I read! Every update. On LJ and I subscribe to you on my iGoogle homepage! :)

Vilts said...

Of course you should post in-process photos! How else people will know how much work really goes into these works of art (and wonder why they cost so much!).

I'm sure you get this a lot, that when quoted a price people think you're crazy. For THIS you want THAT much? Sometimes I feel like I work for pennies when engraving, like that's some kind of factory machine work etc. Oh well, cruel-cruel world :)

Anyways, keep up the good work.

Katherine Plumer said...

Candy-O: it's a small world after all! :-) Seems to me last year it took a long time for Rakkasah to get the pics up on their site, but I don't recall for sure.

Vilts: oh yeah, I get that! Surprisingly (to me) I get that response more with the fine art than with the scrim. That's always a tough situation. I think people either get it or they don't, and those that don't, well... they're just not going to be clients, ever! And I understand, it can be a big number, but when it's broken down into hours/days/weeks/months... most people would quit their jobs if that's all they got. We must be crazy. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello, yes as others say your not alone in cyber world. I started reading your blog a couple of years ago when I got myself some rosecomb bantams. But now Im more in to your art and especially everything that has to do with chikens. Also the engraving you are doing looks exiting, Do you engrave belt buckles ? If you ever will do I would consider ordering one with a rosecomb motiv on it.
I think your work is excellent !
Finn from Norway

Anonymous said...

I am addicted to your site... The detail in your work is amazing and then I see that penny for size comparison and I can hardly believe it!
Don't forget the RBF National in Ventura...we better see you there. I have talked my wife into coming to this one...

Katherine Plumer said...

Hi Finn! Thanks for introducing yourself. :-) I do enjoy the engraving! I'm not yet doing the type of engraving that is used for belt buckles, but maybe some time down the road I'll learn how to do that too!

Aaron- I think "I'll try" is about the most I can say right now. I myself ought to be able to find a way to go, but I really don't know about taking birds. As it stands now I won't be hatching anything til probably July. I'm sure if nothing else I will just go visit! You know me, can't miss a party. ;-)

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