Thursday, April 02, 2009

Molly - Sheltie dog scrimshaw

"Molly" (Sheltie dog)
scrimshaw on pre-ban elephant ivory

This is a closeup. The part shown here is EXACTLY the same size as a penny, just fyi. :-)


Anonymous said...

Great use of line here. I like the way you use dots...the fur on your bear cubs was very nice....but here I see great line on the longer hair of the upper head and ear. Reminds me more of traditional scrimshaw...or maybe a LP Graham pen and ink EH?
ps...I'm not really anonymous...I just don't know much about blogging names?

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks Aaron, yeah lines are definitely more "traditional" scrimshaw. It's so different than the metal engraving. This is just like drawing, whereas with the metal I have to push the graver away from me and that just gives me fits.

You can either click on anonymous or you can click on "name/URL" and enter your name, or if you have a google account you can sign in with that. There's no wrong way to leave comments, I just have to pester people about it from time to time. ;-)

Janet said...

An especially nice job! Love the eyes and the life you manage to give them with the play of light!

Unknown said...

Very beautiful work