Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25 work in progress

I did not work in the CCA gun today, just the knife. I went to visit J&L and baby C briefly this morning, then stopped at the fabric store and finally decided on some cute fabric. ;-) My grandpa is coming up to visit for a week, I have to do a bunch of house-cleaning tomorrow, boooo. For some reason his visits seem to coincide with MAJOR DEADLINES, hmm.

I am trying to figure out if I can go do a week of horsey stuff up north with JC next month (since our plans fell through in the fall). I really really really want to go, I'm just so pressed for time right now. But it would be after the CCA gun and knife are mailed off, and the next-in-line clients are not on deadlines.

Oh, "Thankful" got into the Horse Expo art show. (JC and JJ, I know you're wondering something, so let's just say it all worked out). That will be some good publicity in early June.

I have not been to the gallery since the opening reception, I'll go next week some time and see how it's going.

Still no word from the Miniature Show. I'm getting cranky.

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