Friday, April 17, 2009

April 17 work in progress

To sum things up: busy. I am in for an insane couple of weeks and I think my hand will need to go on vacation after the May 15 deadline. :-)

I usually blog at night. Wednesday I was doggie-sitting out of town. I met my super-duper-unbelievably adorable niece the next morning. OMG cute.

Last night I was tooooo tired to be even halfway intelligent about blogging. (then again, would you have noticed a difference? Ha!)

I spent most of the day doing the image prep for the CCA gun. It's not like I just freehand stuff with scrimshaw. As you have hopefully noticed, I have to create a drawing first! The lighthouse image is drawn and ready for transfer. The Wright Flyer, I have to say, is giving me fits. All those lines, gah! Makes me want to whack my head on the desk. I am reminded why I say I don't do nautical images, I think a ship would push me over the edge. But hey, I'll manage this. Just need to wrestle with it a bit more. :-)

I'm making progress on the knife too. Man, I gotta put all this on the fast track, time's going to be up before I know it. It takes more than one "pass" (to use a printmaking word) of scrimming to get enough dots to produce a DARK tone, so this was photographed after one pass. I'm actually farther along than this right now, just not at a point where I want to take a photo. It'll get there! I think I've decided to finish the zebras and then do the water, and it's looking like I'll be leaving the back side blank due to time constraints. That's okay.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I have been trying to email you, but I don't think they have made it through to your email inbox. I just got a "you are blocked" message from both of your ISP' I think I have been black listed! Gadzooks.

Katherine Plumer said...

I got your incubation email, I need to think about the answer. I have no idea why it would say you are blocked! Call me (not tonight).