Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19 work in progress

It would have been a lovely day today, maybe for the middle of August! Low 90s in April? I'm not okay with that, I'd like to have spring again. Oh yeah, you're going to have to listen to me gripe about summer again...

On the bright side, I was able to give Jessie (dog) a bath today. Yup, Jessie's still hanging in there. Deaf as a doorknob, hobbles around when her arthritis is bad, but still a happy dog.

It's been a very busy weekend. I saw J&L and baby C again yesterday, then went over to JJ's house to try to find some feral kittens whose mama had been hit by a car. Unfortunately we could not find them, despite looking in and under everything we could find. A couple times I thought I might have heard something, but I think it was just wishful thinking, as there wasn't anywhere around me where I didn't look! Sad, but at least we tried.

This morning I was up at the crap of dawn to take a couple birds to auction (I did not put the GDW's in the auction, but I did meet their buyer there). Came home, zonked out for 2 more hours, FINALLY finished the drawings for the CCA gun, whew! I have to say that my knowledge of the Wright Flyer(s) has increased exponentially versus what it was a week ago. So, images ready, approved, hopefully I can transfer them tomorrow. It's going to be soooo hard with all the detail in the Flyer. I made a new tool today with a pin vise and an insanely-finely-sharpened sewing needle. I need the thinnest point I can get for this! You know much it hurts to poke yourself with a sewing needle? Well imagine looking at it at 10X magnification and decided it looks too dull. Weird, yeah.

And then I worked on the zebra knife, which is coming along nicely.

This is how scrim looks before inking, if you get the light reflected just right (kinda like how the bulino engravings will look black even without ink):

And this is how far I got today:

And I am going to bed.

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