Tuesday, August 05, 2008

random crap

I am taking an eyeball break from drawing and scrim (so I'm looking at the computer instead? Yeah, that's brilliant.)

Local friends (as in, you know me, stalker-types need not apply): Anyone want peaches or nectarines? There's a bunch and they are OMG good. You pick! I gotta make jam.

I was digging through four boxes of old photos the other day in search of reference material and stumbled across pics from Draft Horse Classic 1997, where I photographed the horses that I drew in "Chains and Leather." Everyone always asks me if the team was really three-abreast. Yes. I wouldn't make something like that up. Here is that team:

SWF seeks intelligent cowboy-ish dude. Yeah, that's pretty much what it comes down to. I have debated whether or not to mention this, but for the sake of those of you living vicariously through me (ME? Really, you gotta pick someone more exciting) I know you want to know that I have jumped in with the other fish in the sea of online dating. Oh golly. I know a lot of success stories but I'm still feeling skeptical. It is at least providing me with some entertainment. (sarcasm, rolls eyes). It's not something I'm going to be blogging about. But hey, if you know someone perfect, send him my way... ;-)

Back to it!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was serious when I said that! hehe. J and I had a superfantabulous time searching through the profiles, laughing to no end, while trying to help you find "the one". We didn't find him that evening, but we need to go back and look....nothing says "friend" more than searching through hundreds of online profiles for her :-)

Katherine Plumer said...

Oh my, there are some, um, interesting fellows out there. Like I read these things and sometimes think "ewwww." Dudes, you don't need to mention *that* in your description, sheesh.