Thursday, August 07, 2008

August 6 work in progress

I had to do a secret project today, so no time for scrim. I also started sketches for a new poultry illustration project (Standard-like, but just two of them for now). Can't show any of that til they get approved, but of course I have to finish the sketches before I can do that.

I'm totally not happy with this drawing but I keep telling myself when I get more color on there and it actually gets some saturation it'll be sooo much better. Cross your fingers. I do have a reference photo but I am not following it exactly (there's no need to). I've been there, but didn't take the picture. :-)

Listening to my ipod on shuffle mode can be very interesting, there are some jarring transitions. Nothing like soaring along with the cast of Cats singing "Memory" and then suddenly the Charlie Daniels Band cranking out "Uneasy Rider '88" Whoa. My tastes are eclectic.

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