Tuesday, August 05, 2008


If anyone wants pet quality Rosecomb Bantams, let me know. I have an abundance. I hatched around 75ish birds this year I think. I will probably be taking about half to auction in a couple weeks. How nice! There are some decent birds out there. Always a sucker for the underdog, my favorite is of course "It." It is turning into a gorgeous, um, chicken. I'll take more pics when she (I think?) is fully feathered.

Been thinking a lot about shows. I am fairly certain at this point I'll go to the National down in Ventura. I need to figure that out for sure in the next couple days though because if I am going to go I need to run an ad in the booklet. I'd have to take art to offset some of the travel expense. It's a pain, but with people confirmed coming from 20 states (so says the club prez) that would put my work in front of some new faces, always a good thing. I could stay with relatives but that changes the socialization factor, a particularly big deal at a show like this one. So.... I am seeking a travel buddy to split gas and hotel. I likely will only have room for one person, so.... JJ, arm twist... ;-) ?

Assuming I go, it'll be the only show I attend this fall (other than State Fair next month, not sure if that counts). Chickening is not as big a part of my life as it used to be, and at this point I think if I'm going to be spending moolah traveling it needs to be for art shows. I kinda hate to see this happen to me, but it's been inevitable for the last few years I think. As for the 2009 winter shows, we'll see. Maybe one or two of them.


Anonymous said...

I have some very special pet Rosecombs from this year also. It's weird, I got like 5 all from the same hatch with "devil spikes" (they have two instead of one)...I also have a group that decided to pick each others tails, not really the same category of flaw---but they would be the ones ready for Ventura.. Arrgh. You're lucky to have the auction, I have about 25 "freebies" and I don't know where to take them.

Glad to hear you're gonna hit Ventura! I think we are actually going to try and camp in the area (We are going to cheat with a small motorhome..) but that's just tentative. Worst come to worst I am sure my family will have an extra tent and air mattress you can put on our campsite! It does seem weird to camp at a chicken show ...whatever.

I don't know how many shows I'll make it to either...hopefully a couple, though. All depends on work, unfortunately. Being grown up sucks, I don't know how my parents always found the time to get me to all the shows when I was younger!

Talk soon, Mike S

Katherine Plumer said...

Lol, I get some of those double-spiked things too. Some of them are really neat looking!

I have family about 20something miles from the fairgrounds, I stayed with them last year and could do it again but I hate to miss out on spending time schmoozing! After all, I'll be tied to my dang art booth all day...

I have NO idea what birds I'll be able to enter, it's so early in the year for Rosecombs.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so happy to see someone else is hooked on those "underdog" Chickens. I am the same way, I have so many individual pens with a few chicks in them. I just haven't grabbed a hold of the "Pecking" order concept!