Saturday, August 30, 2008

pics from the Starbucks ride

Here's a bunch of pics from last Sunday. Thank you Alora and Suzie for taking pictures. :-)

"Hmm, do they have anything without coffee in it?"

Why yes, my horse is rather cute isn't she!

The red ribbon is used on a horse that kicks. Shylah unfortunately has a rather large personal space when it comes to other horses (thank you Gwen, ugh). She does NOT kick people. The red ribbon is a symbol that all riders know means to mind their distance. That's something everyone ought to do every horse anyway. I try to be REALLY careful with Shylah on a group ride and usually put her last (she's always the slowest anyway). On many rides there is a non-ribboned horse that kicks someone.

Shylah and Trog. They have met before.

The big red horse is Sampson, he lived here several years ago. He's a tank!

Uh oh, we're holding up the line! I got some chocolate minty iced thing, it was quite yummy.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see Sampson all grown up. JJ

Anonymous said...

How cool!!! I showed A - he was like "WHAT?!! How did they get into Starbucks on horses??".
I noticed the car behind your group in the drive-thu....what did they say???Haha. It's not every day you go into a driv-thru and see a group of horses ;-).

Katherine Plumer said...

JJ- yeah, he really makes Shylah look small! :-)

CS- they didn't say anything, we were actually just about to leave anyway when they pulled up. Yeah, it definitely gets some funny looks to ride a horse around town.