Friday, August 22, 2008


I got rid of 40 birds last weekend. That's always sort of nice. There are some promising youngsters out there, and there were some *really* bad ones too. One thing about hatching only a third as many birds as normal is I don't have much to pick from. Last year I was overrun with really nice BBRed cockerels. This year I kept only three (took a bunch to auction) and none of them impress me yet. There are only four black cockerels. Lots of pullets still, they need to mature more before I can really judge them. I likely will have very very very few showable birds for the fall shows. However I'm pretty certain I'm only going to Ventura in the fall, so it's not like I have much scheduled.

I am taking one bird to State Fair. How pathetic is that! :-) I entered three, but this is the season where they molt (lose and regrow feathers) so only one of them looks decent enough to show. Oh well.

I took a few pics this evening. And some video.

Video: "OMG Olin's walking past the pen, everyone crowd around!"

Video: a golden duckwing cockerel crowing

These GDW's have a few years to go, but you have to admit these are darn handsome!:

And I took a few pics of "It." It has a name, but I'm afraid I'll offend someone so I'm not going to say it. I'm pretty sure It's a girl, but that's sure not normal female coloration with those wing bows! It behaves like a female, but has the most comb and wattle development of any female out there (and is not the oldest). And It's tail seems to be coming in with some very curved and glossy green feathers. Hmmm. It is my favorite chicken out there, I have to admit! ;-)

Oh, if anyone wants to see something silly, be at the Starbucks on the corner of Bond and EG Florin around 7pm Sunday. ;-) You can meet Shylah... ;-) ;-) I hope to get pics.

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