Wednesday, August 13, 2008

big setback

I'd been hoping to attend an engraving show in Reno as an exhibitor in January 2009. I'd been a bit misinformed about the application process, I had no idea that it was invitation only, and evidently I did not manage to show my work to the right people when I went to visit last year. So I just found out today that I'm not eligible to show there. This is totally heartbreaking, I'd been counting on that being my first engraving show and really helping me get my scrim out there in front of the right crowd.

I'm at a loss again. Why must everything I'm so sure about go kablooie lately??

Aaaarrrrg. Pep talks welcome, I'm wondering if the people who tell me to give it up are right. :-(


Anonymous said...

Hi, that is a bummer - wow. Is there any way to still get invited? There has got to be SOME way, who has to do the inviting?

Don't give-up!

Anonymous said...

Give what up? You've got so many things going, and you're still moving in a forward direction. That's pretty much what life is about. Go to the show wearing all your scrim work, be a walking exhibit. I know, you're shy and this might be embarrassing. Wear an artistically-decorated paper bag over your head? Could you find a benefactor who would share booth space, your work wouldn't take up much space? Or is there a competition you were hoping to get into, like an art show for scrimshaw? I agree with CS, there must be SOME way. JJ