Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August 20 work in progress

I actually have a whole lot to say, I just keep running out of time to do it and am too tired to ramble on about stuff tonight.

Tonight was Avian Bowl at State Fair. Boy does it bring back memories. I've been helping with the competition ever since I stopped being part of it. My team won in 1993. Wow, that was a while ago!

Work in progress:


Anonymous said...

So who won?!?! I hope they do well at Nationals!

Katherine Plumer said...

Ummm. I can tell you they were called Poultry In Progress and wore black shirts but I have no idea who they were. I really don't know the current crop of 4-H'ers and I get pretty focused I making sure I don't screw up the time-keeping and buzzer-clearing!