Monday, August 11, 2008

August 11 work in progress

Today I redid the sketch for the Serama illustration project (those are some very strangely assembled chickens if you ask me.) In order to figure out how to draw the exterior, I have to understand the anatomy. Hopefully I am on the right track. Can't show these yet.

I also sketched out what will be scrimshaw nude #4, a blonde on the beach, very "pinup" style. Not going to show you this either til it's a scrim in progress.

I am starting sketches for two 12x18ish graphite horse drawings, and just barely starting to figure out the composition of my next fine art scrim (draft horses).

I think this is probably too many things to work on at once. I found myself setting the timer for an hour at a time today, and when it rang I'd change art pieces. Hectic.

A little progress on the bear cub scrim today (I need to come up with a title):

And a little progress on the landscape (I assume you've all figured out that's what this is). ;-) I know, a real leap for me.

Ooh, I do need to start on a painting too, whee that'll add another thing to work on!

I hope you all watch the meteor shower tonight. I'm going to sleep in the hammock in the yard, at least until the mosquitoes drive me insane.

Probably won't be riding much this week, it's hotter than heck again. 102 today.

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