Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12 work in progress

*yawn* When I was a kid, I used to sleep outside relatively often. My brother J usually got dibs on the hammock and I'd get stuck with the lounge chair, which is right at wet-cold-dog-nose-in-sleeping-bag height. But I always slept so well outside as a kid, I'd wake up early, feeling all refreshed. Yeah that must have worn off quite some years ago. I did see some really impressive meteors last night but dang, refreshed? I've been groggy all day. Napping in the hammock is one thing, attempting a whole night without falling off is another. (no I did not fall off). And there's nothing like being almost asleep, all peaceful listening to crickets with suddenly OOMPF the combined weight of 23 pounds of cats lands on my midsection and leaps off the other side. Yay, so nice to be an obstacle course for the boys. Go around? Nooo. They did both grace with me with their presence for some sleep time too, awww. And Shylah stood at the fence and looked at me in the moonlight.

The serama male sketch is pending approval. When it's a drawing in progress I'll start posting it here. And I have to do the female sketch too but I'm waiting to get word on the male.

I did some framing today, and I'll be picking up the frame for the percheron scrim ("Sunday Morning") later this week.

I know this doesn't look like much but you would not believe how incredibly long this takes:

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