Tuesday, June 30, 2009

fun day

It started early with a round of duck-wrangling. Those little boogers are such escape artists. I think I finally figured how they were getting out and fixed it though. Time will tell.

Later in the morning my friend Heather came over with her two adorable kids to pick some apricots, and of course visit the animals! Heather and I knew each other in high school, in the sense that we went to the same high school in the same grade and probably had lots of classes together but were both afflicted with the "not talking to people" complex and despite our apparent similarities (thank you blog and facebook for helping me meet and re-meet people!) probably talked more in an hour today and we did in four years back then. That was fun. H, if the kiddos have the insatiable urge for more horse-time, I'm sure the horses would gladly indulge! :-)

Later in the day, after posting my previous entry about strange going-ons (goings-on?) around here, I was out here working on scrim, with Olin zonked out on the floor next to to the couch (btw Olin's favorite hobby is zonking out) and all of a sudden he woke up and his eyes went all big and scared and he STARED at the area by the front door. OMG I got chills all over the place, imagining some boogie-monster standing around the corner or something. Cripes. Seriously. It reminded me of one of the creepiest experiences I've ever had.

Want to hear that? Sure you do. I was about, oh, 12 years old or so. We had this dog, Gio, the best dog ever. I had to go out to the chicken house late one night, I was probably getting birds ready for show or could have been hunting mice, who knows. The chicken house was a little ways off from the house (don't ask me distances, I'm awful at estimating that). It was late, so I took Gio down there with me. The front of the chicken house had a door, the back had a window, and there were coops along each side. This thing was a mansion, with lights and everything! Anyway, so there we were, me going about my business, it's pitch black outside, Gio was just hanging around, and all of a sudden he looked at the back window, all his hair went up, and he GROWLED. Not like an annoyed little growl, more Cujo-esque. It was pitch black outside, and with the light on inside the chicken house I could only see the reflection of everything inside the chicken house. And there he was staring out the window growling at something in the darkness (egads I'm totally getting chills now). I don't think I have ever been so completely freaked out. I grabbed him, ran out the door, turned off the lights and ran as fast as I possibly could back to the house. Freaked. Me. Out! I can't tell that story without getting chills.

Anyway, sorry about the tangent. It was a good day today, and my horses made me happy by being very angelic with the kids. :-)

The microscope beckons. So does my bed. Scrimshaw or go to bed. Hmm. I think bed is going to win tonight. 10 days to deadline though!

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Heather Scott Partington said...

I had a great day! Thanks so much! That's really freaky about the loud noises and the gate. I am a total weenie about things like that. It WAS nice to get to talk yesterday, and I can't even describe to you how pleased the kids were--especially Addie. We will definitely be back. I'll let you know how the jam turns out.