Tuesday, June 02, 2009

there is still work in progress....

...I just can't show you. So don't misinterpret the lack of "WIP's." I'm doing preliminary drawings for 5 images right now. Some are done, some are back and forth with the client, trying to find the right reference photos, and one is driving me crazy with some pseudo-scrollwork, but thank goodness I'm the only one who has to approve that particular design! :-)

There are a few people-issues that are bugging me lately. I may write about this, but it gets into some pretty personal territory and I'm not sure I want to go there on here. [Waving hello at random family members reading this, and people who follow my artwork from a professional standpoint]. Eh, I dunno. This is me, this is all the stuff that makes me ME. Maybe I'll just be generic about it. I am entitled to the occasional rant and gripe session, and don't have any particular interest in censoring myself, but also strive not to make a complete fool out of myself. ;-)

This evening the sunlight was so pretty, dancing off the spiderwebs (tis the season) that have blown onto the lawn. The picture totally doesn't do it justice, but here you go anyway:

I feel compelled to take lots of photos of Jessie lately. I hate to even say this, but I'm not sure how much longer she'll be around. She's getting around so poorly now. She's on Rimadyl, but has such a low tolerance to any pain medication that she has to get a really low dose, otherwise she'll stop eating.

The horses, and omg yes that's grass in the pasture (a rarity at this time of year!) They had been off pasture since last fall. It's crappy non-irrigated grass (and now dead of course, because California is brown golden at this time of year), but hey, it's something!

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