Friday, June 26, 2009

well that's great

I just got stung by a wasp. I think it barely got me, but it instantly turned red and blotchy, so I'm sitting here waiting for the benadryl-induced coma to hit me. Should happen in about a half hour. I guess I could do something productive until then.

Corrals are clean, coops are clean, and for some weird reason I re-arranged my bedroom furniture. We'll see how I like the new arrangement, the old one wasn't quite right.

The other morning there was a frog in the toilet.

I'm going in about a hundred different directions this week and need to get caught up on some important stuff.

It's been one of those weeks.

I'm very nostalgic lately. About Yellowstone, about Jackson Hole. And then I had to open up my high school yearbooks while I was moving stuff around, and read what people wrote. Apparently I didn't talk much. ;-) I had to laugh at all the comments where people pointed out that I'm "so nice but need to talk more!" LOL! Have I changed? Maybe a little. Thank goodness for blogging, eh?

And of course, nostalgic about staying up til the wee hours of the morning in the 5th grade watching "Thriller" at a slumber party at a friend's house. RIP.


Anonymous said...

"Rainidae's" and Mondays always make me smile!!!

Wasps on the other hand make me swell up like Howie Mandell blowing up a surgical glove.

Hope you were reminiscing about those great Rosecomb Shows too!!!!


Anonymous said...

A frog in the toilet? I hope you saw him/her before you sat down! I think I would scream! I really laughed hard when I heard that! -BM

Katherine Plumer said...

Aaron, yeah, I have the same response to wasps, and the benadryl has hit me but I'm trying to fight it. OMG so tired. I hope my arm doesn't get too big!

BM, yes, thankfully I saw it beforehand... I was standing there brushing my teeth and saw *something* out of the corner of my eye. Startled me! I relocated it to the great outdoors.

Zzzzz, so loopy right now.

Jan Blawat said...

I keep a roll-on bottle of DMSO for bug bites. You can get one at Sheldon Feed for less than $5. It immediately takes away the sting and keeps it from swelling.