Saturday, June 20, 2009

why I try to always have a camera with me

This morning I drove out to the Delta to visit my friend Amber. We've known each other since junior high, though don't see each other very often (for which I have no good excuse, but will say that we really should see each other more often!). Anyway, she's having a baby next month (seriously, this is a baby year, EVERYONE is having babies, it's insane) and I was out of town for the shower so I took the gift over there, plus it was an excuse to sit around and gab for a few hours, which was fun. I enjoyed the visit, hope to do it again soon. :-)

Anyway, while heading down a remote little farm road along the way, I noticed that way up ahead of me the road was obstructed with something... It readily became apparent that a herd of Longhorns was being driven down the road. Cool! Not sure where they were going, it was an area of vineyards and orchards, but there must have been pastures back off the road somewhere. Anyway, I pulled up to the pickup truck that was on the other side of the road, fully prepared to be told to sit and wait (which would have been fine) or to turn around (also fine, but he'd have to give me some directions) but to my surprise the man said "this could take a while, go ahead and drive through them, just go real slow, they won't bother you." Okay!!! So I did. And around that time I remembered my camera was in my purse. I really should have just stopped and shot a bunch of good reference photos but I was so excited about driving my li'l car through a herd of Longhorns that it sort of didn't occur to me to do that.

I like the Delta. It's pretty, it's a little cooler (hey, it's where the Delta Breeze comes from!). The Delta is an area of several towns to the west of here, takes me about 45 minutes to get to A's house. It's a land of orchards, fields, vineyards, rivers, and bridges. I don't think I'd ever feel safe living that close to the rivers though. River, levee, house, all right next to each other. Nope, that's too close. I grew up along a river, but the house was maybe a half mile up from the river and on much higher ground (though the lower property flooded a few times.) That was close enough!

Because someone might wonder, no that's not a real scorpion. It was a gift. :-)

Tonight I watched the movie "Marley and Me". Oh those animal movies always make me CRY!!!!!!


Mammoth said...

Hey "Chicken Lady" As you may know, because I often forget what I write to people, I am off to the artic in July until October. I live in Ubud Bali, Indonesia the rest of the time and have sent to Salt Lake City thirty major "Horse" sculptures from wood to be sold at an art gallery. Interestingly enough the gallery has sold a few so far and refuse to pay me. So far over five thousand dollars. Any ideas of where to send the remaining pieces, oh, and most of them are over six feet tall and two feet across... many antique objects as well, help...Bill

Katherine Plumer said...

Sorry, I have absolutely no idea where you should send them.

dougzilla said...

Looks like the Longhorns weren't too sure where they were going either. And where is that bridge? I'm sure I've cycled over it before, eons, moons and yaboos ago (I made that last word up).

Katherine Plumer said...

Hmm, that bridge goes from whatever road is opposite River Road, over to Grand Island Road. But it kinda looks like one that goes from River Road to the other side. Actually, it could be either one of those, I'm not sure, they're really close anyway!