Tuesday, June 30, 2009

funky stuff goin' down around here

Okay, I'm kind of creeped out.

Several times over the last couple days I've heard something fall inside the house. It just happened again, I was out here working and heard a pretty loud crash from one of the bedrooms. Loud enough that I should be able to see something amiss. But everything's exactly as it was, the chicks were going about their normal chicky business, and Olin's zonked out in my room. You might be thinking I couldn't see if anything had fallen amidst all my clutter but everything's really clean right now so that's not the case! I don't know about this...

And then last night... the gate. The whole property is fenced, all around. Nothing larger than maybe a cat could get through the gates and onto or off of the property. The horses are confined to the corrals and pasture, the dog is confined to the yard/house area, and there is a gravel driveway that separates the two, and a gate from the yard to the driveway. The gate swings outward from the yard. If you try to swing it inward it catches on the sidewalk and won't open more than a foot or so, so nobody ever opens it inward, and the gate is always closed so that the dog stays in the yard.

This morning the gate was open, pushed inward, and I say PUSHED because the latch had not been opened, it was bent around sideways so that it just slipped off the gate post. Um, WHAT?! What the heck could be big enough to do that?!?!? Jessie dog is on the inside, if she pushed the gate it would have gone outward. The horses don't have access to that gate. The cats can fit through without it being open.




Anonymous said...

Maybe you had a burgalary attempt?

Jan Blawat said...

I disagree, burglers have more finesse. Can't blame that one on a raccoon (which is what I blame EVERYTHING on) either. It must be National Spooky Week.

Time to get a dog that can hear.


Katherine Plumer said...

Yeah, I don't think there's been anything like that. Maybe I can chalk up the house noises to hordes of infiltrating tree frogs (it IS that time of year, I shoo them outside on a regular basis now). The gate really gets me though, maybe the cats were goofing around and crashed into it, maybe the feral tom cat was fighting and did something.. I dunno.

Anonymous said...

I like Jan's idea of getting a dog who can hear!hehe. But, apparently there IS a paranormal society in Sacramento...maybe they would be willing to come out????


Katherine Plumer said...

Well, a dog that can hear will come along when the deaf dog has gone to doggie heaven, so let's not think too hard about that.