Wednesday, July 01, 2009

sort of a foodie day

Okay, there really aren't enough hours in the day lately.

I am so excited to show you all the belt buckle when it's done. It's not done. I should refrain from ever thinking something might go quicker than my initial estimate, because it never does. ;-) The day just flies past. I must really get into "the zone" especially when I'm using the AirGraver. I've noticed my breathing gets really really slow. Weird huh!

I got enough orders to make another batch of apricot jam today. Yay! I really love making jam. Perhaps the best part is getting to scrape the bowl and eat the tiny bit of leftovers that don't make it into the jars. ;-) I'm pretty fast at it now, I can crank out a batch of jam in no time. Lots of water, lots of boiling, lots of sugar. It's an interesting process.

And this afternoon I made cream cheese brownies, which are dangerously good. Really, like, consume with caution because you might croak of sheer bliss. I will post the recipe another day. New recipe for me (which I of course modified).

And I fed more watermelon to the ducks, because it's hilarious. This end piece was kinda mushy and gross. It didn't take them any time at all to eat all the good stuff, leaving only a green and white "bowl" behind (which Shylah the horse was entirely happy to eat). Animals, the great recyclers. :-)


Anonymous said...

THose are mallards, right? I hear they are food vaccumes. How old do they have to be before you release them? Where do you take them? Consumnes River? -BM

Jan Blawat said...

Some poor gardener will go out one day to find a mallard assaulting watermelons. You've turned those babies on to a life of crime. BM, you should know that mallards don't need to be released. They just start flying off when they're ready. And it's Cosumnes, there is no "n" in the middle, there was a story about this on the news yesterday. But that was the news here, not wayyyy off in your part of the country, so you get a free pass.