Friday, June 12, 2009

blah blah

Today I made macaroons! Real macaroons this time. I think I might prefer the divinity! These are darn good though. I'll try to start photographing all my baked creations. If anyone wants this recipe I'll post it.

I am not sure if I have a favorite flower, but hydrangeas are right up there somewhere. I love how this one plant makes all these different colored flowers!!! It's right outside the window by my art table, so I get to look at it a lot. :-)

I miss doing the work in progress pics. So I'm actually still photographing the work (or scanning, depending what it is). And I'll just post it all when it's done and in the hands of the recipient(s).


Anonymous said...

Now when I look at the flowers I think..." Wow...look at the oxidation reduction reactions. Chemicals transferring electrons to produce minute changes in pH which are reflected in subtle color changes; the weak organic acids in the petals serving as acid-base indicators"
('s God's magic!!!!)

Katherine Plumer said...

Aaron, you lost me at "reduction." :-)

I don't know about Ventura. That's all I can say now. I just don't know.

Anonymous said...

Yes Pleasssssse, on the recipe for the Macaroons!!