Monday, June 08, 2009

more lightning pics

Have you missed me?! I've been up in Oregon since Thursday, visiting my grandparents. I got home yesterday evening but did not have enough functioning brain cells to blog about anything and all I could think of was how I wanted to go to bed and don't want to do any driving for a while (I did all the driving, yay for me). I'll do a whole big ole post about it, complete with an insane number of photos, but for now, a little more about the Wednesday night/Thursday morning thunderstorm! I think the last photo I posted is the best of them, but I'll throw a few more on here anyway. I went to bed around midnight (yeah, brilliant when you have to get up early and drive 350 miles the next day). But it was endless booming thunder and lightning strikes that lit up my room so I figured I wasn't going to get much sleep anyway. So I pulled out the tripod, went outside with the camera (yes, wearing my jammies, and flip flops) and decided to shoot more photos. At that point it started raining quite hard, so I had to retreat into the garage and shoot only in one direction. Seemed like the storm was moving pretty rapidly, I would have been better off shooting in the direction of the pasture, but I was not about to lug all this camera crap out there in my pajamas and get rained on. The lightning was mostly in the clouds, so I didn't get many photos of actual lightning.

For your entertainment, here's a series shot in about a minute. The shutter speed is 10 seconds, the camera was on a timer. I'd either get something or nothing! The sky sure lit up when I got something! Ah, and these are shot with the Nikon D80 if you're wondering. The wee little Canon ELPH was not high tech enough for this job.

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