Saturday, June 27, 2009


Last call for strawberry jam! $6 per half pint, $12 shipping up to 6 jars, US only.

First and last call for APRICOT JAM!!!! This is a favorite of a lot of people. $5 per half pint, $12 shipping up to 6 jars, US only. They are quite all of a sudden ripe in the last, uh, day. Probably in a week they'll be gone. Eeek! Wish it lasted longer!

Hey local peeps, want some apricots? You-pick. Let me know....

It was 109 today. I hate summer! I spent much of the day at a Gypsy Horse open house near here with JC. She raises Gypsy horses. It was kind of a lesson in how NOT to host an open house. Lesson #1 is make sure people can find your house. The mailbox with the street address "was taken down years ago." The driveway was actually down a road other than that on which the street address is for (could they mention that perhaps?) No signs, no nothing, and the barn was tucked back over a hill so it wasn't like we could see the horses from the road. Had to call a few times before finally getting someone on the phone for directions. The host(s?) barely said a word to us, there was no pricing or info any of the horses. Thank goodness for the guy from England who was there, I really enjoyed listening to what he had to say about the horses and their history and what the differences are between the US and Europe and his opinion about a lot of the horses. That was cool.

It was so hot even the cat melted. ;-)


Heather Scott Partington said...

I might want some apricots... how much longer do you think I have in the apricot window?

Katherine Plumer said...

Hard to say. A week for sure. Week and a half maybe? As I recall they ripen pretty quick! The peaches at least have the courtesy to linger a bit.