Thursday, July 12, 2007

summertime fruit

Somehow making that jam and whatnot made me feel very domestic. Weird. No more so than baking giant batches of cookies I guess. I am still hoping to snag more apricots from the neighbors but their tree that is blazing orange right now has fruit that tastes bad, not sweet at all. I don't know why, it's been wonderful in the past (a couple years ago I made about 35 cups of pureed apricots from that tree and there were soooooo many left over). Their other tree, which doesn't usually produce anything, has a few good ones so far, I'm hoping for more since our tree was a disappointment (hi neighbors, if you are reading this!)

I need to get out and pick blackberries some morning. The spring was so dry I think it'll be an awful year for those, probably lucky to get one pie out of it.

The plums are starting to be ripe, and my other neighbor invited me to pick whatever I want from their tree, she says it's more than she can use and they are falling on the ground. Hmm!

The nectarines wil be ready soon, they are heavenly, and the peaches will be a few weeks behind them.

The local strawberry stand has a zillion strawberries...

And I like to make stuff...

So here's my question:

** Would anyone BUY home-made goodies from me? Unfortunately baked stuff won't travel too well, but would anyone buy jam or syrup in any of the following flavors: plum, strawberry, peach/nectarine, apricot (if I get enough)? ** Probably ~$5 for a half pint jar, plus shipping. I'm totally game for making more if there's a market for it, but I've been forbidden from making more otherwise. ;-) It would be very limited numbers of most stuff.

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