Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 25 work in progress

The color is different than yesterday because I didn't do any color correction on it today. The last scan will be the only good one! So, I haven't done a graphite piece for quite some time, and I must say this is a rather pleasant break from color. This is the first time I've used velour paper (it's like velvet!) and it's pretty neato! It forces the drawing to be very soft, which is totally what I wanted. I use charcoal in the darkest areas because it's a little hard to get the graphite dark enough on this surface without worrying about scraping the fuzz off! This might be my new favorite paper for graphite. :-) It might even work for certain colored pencil things but I'd have to play around with it, I'm not sure I can get the color saturated enough without ruining the paper, and it would not work for tight precise drawings...(oh wait, that's all I do!) :-0 So this is all in 5B pencil and soft charcoal. 5B pencil is VERY soft and would make big dark lines and any other surface but it's been perfect for even the most delicate things here. Cool! Hard pencils would probably be a disaster on this paper.


Anonymous said...

The picture is already looking great. I have tried velour paper with coloured pencils, it is ok but you can't really layer on much colour or burnish very well. Can't wait to see the finished picture.

Unknown said...

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