Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 11 work in progress

These late night pics are really bad, but you get the idea..

Blarg! I can paint a dog in a day, why is this taking forever?? (ha ha, then again I think how long this would take in colored pencil and this seems like a whirlwind!) I think it's because I paint one feather-group at a time, whereas a mammals don't usually have blocks of color like birds do. I think it's going to turn out well. Oh, it's a Birchen Sumatra, by the way.. they are typically Black or Blue but in my world chickens come in all sorts of neato colors. :-)

I took Shylah out for a walk on the road today. She was the Cookie Express Pony. I put two dozen cookies in the saddle bags and walked her down to make the delivery to the hay guys. She was wide eyed the whole time but not too spooky, just looking around taking it all in. Still, I was glad to be on the ground rather than in the saddle. The biggest spook was at a boulder in someone's landscaping (I guess after last summer's bear up north on a trail ride she thinks all large round dark objects might be bears!) Cars were no problem, though she flinched the first time one zoomed past from behind. Friday will be her first road-ride (though I might cheat a bit and hand-walk her a while on the road). W.T. and I will ride out to the defunct railroad tracks and ride there. I guess I figure it doesn't matter much whether I'm in the saddle or on the ground, it's all about getting her out and exposing her to new situations.

The decision of what to do for the Second Saturday at the pet boutique as been solved through a mutual agreement to pull the work out of the store tomorrow morning. Nothing sold, and nothing will. Feedback was that people don't want to pay more than $175, and there is no way in heck I can price work that low. It's funny though, people spend a fortune on doggie sweaters and stuff! It's okay. On one hand it sucks, I thought that would be a pretty successful venture, but at the same time, nothing lost and I've learned that's not a market to pursue. Not sure if another location would make a difference, I suspect not. I may have to actually apply to a gallery at some point, but darn that 50% pay cut really bites. Bleh, don't want to think about it tonight.


Anonymous said...

I think that it's a real shame that you didn't do well at the pet store. People really undervalue original artwork. Have faith, when you make it big time, everyone will regret not having bought your stuff when it was more affordable!

Anonymous said...

I am also sorry to hear that you did not make a sale at the pet boutique. I agree, people do not understand your plight. Artists need to make a living too!