Monday, July 09, 2007

July 9 work in progress

acrylic and (eventually) ink on canvas
30x40 inches

So the continuing saga of the strapless bright purple dress... I set forth on the 85 mile round trip this morning. The sales lady was the same lady as last time, and she was genuinely mortified that the information had been lost. I tried on the sample again and confirmed the size. I almost brought my camera so I could photograph myself, but the sample dress is sort of a mocha color, which looks pretty hideous on me. I have not actually seen myself in the bright purple... Pics will have to happen later.

I was at the point of placing the order when there seemed to be some confusion about the accompanying little jacket (let's face it, I'm a bit of a redneck, getting dressed up means a shirt that buttons up, really getting dressed up means a skirt, I've never worn a strapless anything, so the only way I can pull this off is to not be parading around feeling more than a little exposed. No, nothing will fall out, it's rather, um, fitted!) Anyway, turns out the jacket is not available in that color. So not only did they not tell the bride that the first time she went in and told them that I would be wanting it, they also failed to mention it to me when I was there a few weeks ago and ordered the darn thing. Plus losing the size info, that's just bad. Nothing else went with bright purple, so the only open (other than skipping it) was to buy fabric and make one. So I went ahead and just ordered fabric dyed to match, and I'll get pattern (already found one I like way better than the one in the store anyway) and it'll all be fine. But what a pain! I asked for a discount and they said they couldn't do that, but did offer to ship it to me for free so I agreed to that. Sheesh. It'll arrive in late August, so there shouldn't any more to complain about until then, at least not in that department! ;-)

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