Tuesday, July 17, 2007

painting, art show, blah blah

I got word that all three artworks (Levade, Aragorn at One Year, and Barnyard Gem) were accepted into Draft Horse Classic! Woo hoo! I did not get word about the booth, and that's freaking me out. Usually that all comes in one package, so I'm concerned. But I didn't get my booth photos and application back, which leads me to believe that may have been mailed separately. I'm going to fret and worry until I receive word one way or another though.

I made plum/peach jam today. It's quite good! Not very plummy really, but just a nice "fruity" taste. If blindfolded I am not sure I'd know what it is, other than I like it. Made 12 jars so there's a lot of extra if anyone's interested...

This is a reasonably good photo of the Sumatra painting. This one was really tough to photograph because of the metallic background. I normally shoot the photos indoors with a tripod but I had to do this outside. All the extra furniture is in here right now because the living room is getting painted so there wasn't enough room to set up the tripod!

"Birchen Sumatra"
30x40 inches
acrylic and ink on canvas
will be for sale at upcoming art show

And last but not least, a new pic of Shylah that I took today so my horse-show teammates could see her. She's not cinched up, if anyone notices that and was going to give me a hard time about it.