Thursday, July 12, 2007

July 12 work in progress

The painting does not have that weird highlight area on top, don't put too much faith in these night pics... It's coming along. I think if I can finish the painting tomorrow and do all the ink work on Saturday then all is well. Still need to paint the neck and do all the shadowing/striping of all the white areas, and then of course all the ink work (my favorite part, yay!) I can make final adjustments on Sunday and photograph it and get it in on Monday. Hmm, what else to enter!

Oh, everyone keeps asking, this is what I'm talking about: Fair Oaks Chicken Festival Sadly the website does not mention the art show (hmpf!)

Tomorrow is the first road ride with Shylah. Who's more nervous, me or her? (Me!!) I took her for a walk this evening. Went down another nearby road and saw lots of horses in fields next to the road (um, I think Shylah is in heat!), barking dogs, more cars, scary drain pipes going under driveways, etc. She was decent, but again I was glad to be on the ground. A lady stopped and asked me if Shylah is part Friesian. Tee hee! (no, purebred Canadian Horse). It's rare enough to see someone out riding on the roads these days but I sure do get some funny looks for taking a horse on a walk. Heck, people here don't even walk their dogs, dogs walk themselves in big backyards and pastures.

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