Friday, June 22, 2007

it goes to show...

That you never know! About a month ago I entered three art pieces in State Fair (which is not til August/September). I've been not as impressed with the equine art division the last couple years so I entered "The First of Spring" and "Levade." Also on a whim entered the somewhat controversial "Proud Heritage" in the drawing category. State Fair is a really tough show to get into. I've only managed it twice before.

Well, got my letters today. Two no, one yes. OMG, "Proud Heritage" got in!!!! Wow! You never know! ;-) Hmm, that gives me three weeks to get it framed. Ooh, that's not going to be cheap. :-/

"Proud Heritage" accepted

"The First of Spring" not accepted

"Levade" not accepted


Sandy Kavanaugh said...

Were you told why the works "Levade" and "First of Spring" weren't accepted?
I found them both delightful and true to life.
"Levade" is stunning in its dramatic contrasts, although I usually prefer color.

Yours in the Fancy,

Katherine said...

Nope, they don't say why they don't want them. There were 1833 entries, they took 194 of them. It's a tough show! I can't recall if the accepted entries get comment/judging sheets or not... I don't think so. The cookies do! I must remember to enter the cookie show again this year! ;-) And chickens too of course.

I appreciate the comments, thanks!

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