Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Wakeup Call

Alrighty, I have finished the first in a series (of at least five) of the digital mixed media (not sure that's the correct term) chicken art. Heading off into new and uncharted lands.. uncharted by me anyway. I've had a hard time trying to explain this, but it is the drawing I just finished (the one I titled "Barnyard Gem") placed into a digital setting. So other than the chicken itself, there is no original. It's all digital, and it's highly flexible in terms of shape. Why? It is designed specifically for licensing out onto a multitude of products. There will be prints available. I need to talk to my mentor to figure out how to proceed with the marketing. But, the "original" piece is done so that's a step in the right direction.

"The Wakeup Call"
digital mixed media incorporating colored pencil/graphite drawing

EDIT: I may even like this simple version better. Input??


Anonymous said...

My preference is the second photo. Have you thought about logo design for farmers or farm products? "The Wakeup Call" just screams eggs to me. I think this piece of artwork would look great on the wall of Squeeze Inn in Truckee.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katherine,
Kevin and I vote for the top one. There is absolutely no art sauvy behind the decision though. What a great concept!
Good luck

Anonymous said...

I do not know why but I like the first one and the last one best. I would go with the first one because it really catches the eye. I also like those two because they show more of a close-up of the birds. Nice work! I am really looking forward to the next pieces. These would make great notecards and since you are thinking of doing more than one then you could do gift sets. I also like the shadowing. Can you flip the image so it faces the other direction?

Katherine Plumer said...

I am going to post up a bunch more stuff later but the ftp thing isn't working right now.

It's all the same image to me, it's not a matter of picking one format or the other (square, vertical, etc). It'll be cropped differently depending on how it's used. The addition and removal of various background elements really change the image though, and maybe those will be offered as options. Hmm, I dunno, this'll take some thinking!

Yes, the image can be flipped, it doesn't matter which way it faces.

Anonymous said...

Please explain more about the digital image - that concept sounds really cool...and the fact that you can flip it...

How does that work?

Anonymous said...

Most microsoft or adobe programs can flip an image. That is easy. It is on the drawing toolbar. I am interested in knowing how you got the barn wood texture on the background. Is that a picture or computer stock photo or a drawing?

Katherine Plumer said...

Digital image: it's created in photoshop. Other than the chicken itself, there is no original-on-paper.

Flipping it: not a problem. It's a photoshop file, all I have to do is flip it the other way. Easy.

Barn wood: it's a manipulated photograph (that I took, with my camera, of my barn)

Anonymous said...

hee-hee...I forgot you had a red barn. I thought the same thing as anonymous...that you had drawn the background! Silly me!