Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 17 work in progress

I'm still here... I haven't been posting much art because I've mostly been doing website work for the last few days. Not my site, but one of the other ones I run is getting a total overhaul, and it's hugely complicated and a lot of work. I'll post more info when that's done, it'll be worth seeing. :-)

Anyway, "The Wakeup Call" is pretty much done. Consensus was that the off-centered bird was better, so I'll stick with that. Thanks for the input. Now I just need to sort out what to *DO* with it! ;-)

I have started on the next mixed media digital thing. First step of course is the drawing. I had expressed interest in a game rooster but I was a little worried about public perception, so I've settled on a Brown Leghorn type of rooster. I say "type of" because I'm really trying not to get overly hung up on STANDARDS. Really, I've had quite enough of that. ;-) So, I want him to be something that fanciers will look at say "that's a Light Brown Leghorn" but that the general public will appreciate as "classic barnyard rooster."

Didn't get too far on that today but I have a other things sketched out too (not posted).

bird is about 8x8.5 or so
colored pencil, graphite, ink
on white Rising Stonehenge paper

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