Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"The Wakeup Call" (revised)

I made a few revisions.

"The Wakeup Call" a mixed media image incorporating traditional drawing as well as digital photography and digital painting, is the first in a series of chicken art pieces designed specifically for licensing. Easily cropped to square, horizontal, vertical, or round formats, and with background elements that can be changed to suit the individual product, this image will fit any product.

With or without background parts, facing right or left, it's all still "The Wakeup Call." Just consider it flexible. I am uploading just the cropped-square versions for you to see. It can also be cropped in a multitude of other ways.

There will be a least four more in this series, created in a similar manner. I must say this one came to mind most easily, and the others present some unique challenges. As a "chicken snob" I get pretty hung on the breed! The next one will be another rooster. I want something proud and tough and immediately thought Old English or American Game. But I think for public appeal I need to create a very traditional looking bird with a single comb.. so I guess it'll be an undubbed Game. Lol. Can't please everyone. ;-)


Anonymous said...

This would look more centered to me if the bird's body was in the middle of the half circle, maybe with the tail hanging out on the left. JJ

Anonymous said...


I have the perfect AGB cock his is GDW. How ca I send you a picture.
Here is my Email address.