Wednesday, June 06, 2007

OMG, flat files, yay!!!!!

I don't know if I've ever been this excited about furniture. For years and years and years I've wanted a set of flat files but they are soooo expensive. That's why I eventually just put together the canvas covered monstrosity a few months ago (it's a set of shelves that's rather ugly). Yesterday my dear friend J.J. emailed me about someone selling a used set of flat files and I said "I want it!" So, I now owe J.J. some art in trade, but I greatly enjoy trading art for things I need. :-) I have flat files! This is fabulous, now I can REALLY keep my paper organized and in good shape.

They're a little scratched but I put some furniture oil on the outside (err, after taking this picture) and that helped a lot. Yay flat files! Artsy people will understand how exciting this is! And it's nice looking enough that it's totally acceptable in the entryway (my studio is in the room closest to the door, so it tends to be like walking into an art tornado in here...)

I'll keep the monstrosity in here too, it's pretty handy for storing prints and whatnot, plus I keep paperwork and my paint palette on top.

Oh and yes, that is probably the world's oldest copy machine on top of the flat files...

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