Thursday, June 21, 2007

chicken pics!

I have not posted chicken pics for quite some time, so today I shall subject you to that. :-)

The youngest three batches from the 2007 season, yup some real size variation in three weeks!

One of the Something Duckwing pullets (between two Blacks). Probably she's Golden Duckwing... There is a younger one with dark legs but this one has better color.

The BEST BBRed color I have seen on a pullet, EVER. As luck would have it, she's single combed. Even worse, she's from the Duckwing breeding pen and therefore only 75% Rosecomb (so potentially going to have non-white ear lobes, dang it!) Time will tell.

A Cuckoo pullet. Still thoroughly unimpressed with them but again, time will tell.

Hey, that's a.... If you said purebred BBRed Rosecomb you'd be right. If you said what the heck that's a single comb, right again. Amazing how that gene persists! I know both the Brown Red breeding stock males carry it...

A birchen-ish pullet from the Duckwing pen. Hmm, that may end up being an inverted spike. Ugh.

Fairly decent colored Blue Red male (again, from the Duckwing pen, go figure!) The ear lobes are questionable, with him being 25% Old English...

"Granpda" Eddie. He lives with the youngsters, as he's very docile. Eddie hatched in 1996. He is my oldest bird, and the oldest bird I've ever owned. And he looks OLD but he's still very spry and doing well!

This was Eddie in 1997, Reserve of Breed at PPBA! Hard to believe he was that good, and AMAZING how much my BBReds have changed. Every one of them traces its ancestry back to Eddie, so he's pretty special to me. :-)


Anonymous said...

I can just imagine Eddy in with the youngsters. He is telling them storys that all begin the same: "When I was younger....way back in the day...." Some of the youngsters roll their eyes and walk off while others stand riveted with interest. hee-hee good old Eddy!

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