Monday, June 04, 2007

Aragorn at One Year

"Aragorn at One Year"
36x18 inches
acrylic and ink on canvas
entered into Draft Horse Classic
price TBD


Anonymous said...

Hello, Love your work. Stumbled on it looking for the results for the western horse expo. you came up in the search results. They still haven't posted the results and it is driving me crazy as I am in Montana and was unable to attend! Did you sell your piece?

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks Mandy! I know, it always takes them ages to post the results on the website! I didn't write any of them down, so I don't know any other than mine. Nope, I did not sell the piece. I would be curious to know how many sold. I was only there on Friday and when I left at the end of the day I only saw one with a sold sticker.