Saturday, July 22, 2006

the weather, what else is there?!

It is 93 degrees right now. It got up to 115 today. It only went down to 79 last night. The swimming pool feels like bath water.

The two big egg-layer hens died today from the heat. :-( I make the rounds a couple times a day now to check the birds and water down anything that looks too hot. Well, they all look too hot, but everybody seemed to be holding up. But the next time I went out, they had died. :-( I feel terrible about it, like I should have brought those two in the house maybe. The big birds don't handle the heat as well as the bantams. The Rosecombs are all okay so far. I caught one Blue Brassy hen on the verge of overheating, but I put her in some cool water and she came around pretty quickly and I think she will be okay. *sigh* It's such a hard thing, it happens so fast. They are all out there panting like mad, even if I do water them down, and it sure doesn't take long for a bird to go from looking fine to being dead.

It's forecast to be over 100 through the end of next week. This is horrible! I was considering taking Shylah to a playday next weekend but I think I'll need to skip it. I don't want to be out all day in the heat, and I'd also planned on doing a lot more riding than I've been able to do.

On the bright side, the art work is coming along at a pretty good pace lately.


Doug said...

Sorry about your hens. :(

I swear, when I woke up this morning, I thought I was in Las Vegas w/ the wind hot 'n' all. Tell me why I rubbed an ice cube on my face 'n' melted in 20 seconds 'n' my face dried up w/in 10 seconds. Yeesh.

Doug said...

Btw, I saw your art gallery 'n' I LOVE 'em!!! I need to get crackin' on some new stuff...

Dan said...

Hey K, sorry to hear that you are having losses due to the heat.. I was a bit worried about one of the sebright hens yesterday as there coop was pretty hot. I can only imagine how hot it would be in your area!

Looks like you picked up a new reader from my blog ;-)