Friday, July 28, 2006

art pricing

I've been looking around the internet at other artist's price lists, out of curiosity. I have a set price list (or I should say I will once I publish it again...haven't done so yet because the Standard thing is sort of never-ending and I haven't taken on extra work anyway). But I've come to the conclusion that the other artists of the world either must work MUCH faster than I do (this is quite possible, I am absurdly slow even when I am working as fast as I can), or the other artists of the world are SEVERELY underselling themselves, and in the process dragging prices down for those of us who actually would like to make a living at this. I'm seeing HUGE art priced in the very very very low hundreds. What's up with that? Consider the hours, the time, the effort, how much is that per hour? Not much, I will bet you. It's not doing anybody any favors to work for peanuts, and it just reinforces that stupid notion that because artists enjoy what we do that we really don't need to get paid very much for it. That notion ought to get flushed down the toilet. I guess my price list might drop a few jaws when it's out there again, but I know the time I spend, and I know what I need to make per hour, and I'm not going to be willing to settle for less anymore.

Yes, I'm feeling feisty today! >;-)

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