Friday, July 28, 2006

this and that

Well, the weather is finally decent again! Woo hoo! I rode tonight for the first time in about two weeks. Shylah doesn't eat oats, but obviously that doesn't stop her from feeling them! I was glad I lunged her for a while.. She was pretty good today, we did walking, trotting, and LOTS of changing direction, going around imaginary things, etc. She's getting much worse about the bit though, to the point where she's extremely difficult to bridle, yawns all the time when she's wearing it, and pretty much just fusses about it constantly. I'm at a loss as to whether this is "one of those things" they go through, or if there is an actual physical issue. Advice anyone? I think I'm going to ride her with a halter tomorrow and see if she carries herself better. It's strange riding her in the custom saddle. Between the slick seat and her being shorter at the shoulders I feel like I'm slipping off the front. I'm not, but it's an odd sensation that will take a bit of getting used to. I don't know if a build-up pad would help or not. The problem is no longer that she's too narrow for the saddle, it's just her odd conformation... Platform shoes, perhaps...hee hee.

It was brought to my attention the other day that I need to start thinking about Draft Horse Classic. Ugh, not ready! There is a lot to do, gotta get a bunch of new work printed, framed, etc. I'll procrastinate for a while yet before I get too concerned.

At least one of the rats that got away has taken up residence under my meticulously stacked pile of hay bales in the barn. CRAP!!! There is no way I am unstacking those bales.

I need to pick blackberries, I hope they haven't all dried up and turned to fossils. It's quite possible, I haven't been out there to check.

I can never seem to draw the same thing the same way twice. The drawings I finished up a couple days ago (the pair in six days! Yowza! I MUST maintain that pace!!) were Red Pyle Modern Games, and now I'm working on Red Pyle Old English. Same color, different shape, but I seem to be incapable of creating that color the same way twice. It all works out though, only I would know the difference... I should make a note of how I do all this stuff. I tend to count on myself to remember, haha, bad idea...

It was a good week. I am back in touch with an old friend I never thought I would see again (if you're reading this, "hi!!") :-) Small world.

I've still been thinking about making more miniature drawings and selling them online. I'd like to have a few more ready to go before I do anything though, and I think I need to head into town and see what's available in terms of really small frames that aren't ultra-cutesy, as that won't work well with game roosters... Most people don't want to mess around with framing though, so if I can do it reasonably myself I think that would be best. Probably means I'll need to change the size of the mini drawings though, so I'll hold off on that for now. What am I thinking anyway? Criminy, I have to get this Standard stuff done. Indiana and Insanity are right around the corner!

On that note, I'll put in a bit more drawing, but I'm not going to last long tonight. *yawn*

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