Monday, July 10, 2006

Pictures Today

I like it when other people post photos, so hopefully people who read my blog like it when I post photos.

What to do on a hot day... Jessie says find a shady patch of sidewalk!

Nellie says look for some mud...

This BBRed cockerel has a fantastic showy attitude, but I suspect he's going to end being excessively red in his black areas. *sigh*

One of the many Cuckoo chicks, this one is F1xF1, therefore only half Rosecomb (half Dominique).

Two of the crele boys, I'm still quite undecided whether to pursue this color or not.

An interesting photo, these are some of the oldest youngsters. That black pullet is not a pure black Rosecomb, she's out of the Cuckoo breeding pen.

Well looky here, the two single comb cuckoo boys in the same photo (KL this one's for you!) Although they come from the F1xF1 (cuckoo X cuckoo) breeding pen they really aren't that much better colored than the Cuckoo X Black birds. Definitely lacking barring on the wings and tail...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Barred and Crele pictures. I am so anxious to see what I end up with as the eggs hatch next week. You've got me all giddy again. LOL

Katherine Plumer said...

I sure hope you get some SC cuckoos!!! They are going to be pretty big though, these guys are built like bricks.