Sunday, July 09, 2006

the last of the chicks

The last chicks hatched about two weeks ago, I just never got around to posting numbers. So here they are:

Batch 8

B/BBRed: BBRed male X Brown Red females= 2 BBRed, 3 Brown Red
T6/Silver: Silver Duckwing OE male X Black RC females= 1 Silver Duckwing
T7/BBRed: Brown Red male X BBRed females= 1 BBRed, 1 Brown Red
N3/Black: Black X Black=5 Black
N4/Black: Black X Black= 1 Black
N5/Black: Black X Black= 5 Black

Batch 9

T6/Silver: Silver Duckwing OE male X Black RC females: 1 Silver Duckwing, 1 Black w/ slight pale stippling (don't know what this is)
N3/Black: Black X Black: 3 Black
N4/Black: Black X Black: 1 Black

And that's it! No more! All done! Remind me not to hatch so many next year. I can't wait for the next auction, I'd like to take about half of them...

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Dan said...

you sure get a bunch of birds! out of the last batch of sebrights (7 eggs) 6 developed to fertility and died before pipping! all from the #2 pairing... Time to switch males and see what happens... I got lucky with my seal picture ;-)