Thursday, July 13, 2006

the rat hunt

Well that was just all kinds of exciting! (should I admit that?) J came over this morning and hooked his pickup to the coop (it's about a 4x8' coop) and dragged it off its present location. I was expecting maybe 8 rats underneath, since I'd seen 6 babies the other night and knew there would be a few adults. Well.......

Between three people and two dogs, I'm guessing about 18 rats were killed. I have to guess because toward the end of it Jessie and Nellie decided that since the action was slowing down they would go ahead and eat a couple rats each (gross!!!). So there was a pile of 10 dead, plus whatever they ate, which could have easily been 8 more. No pics, it was WAY too disgusting. J brought his two dogs too but I don't think either one caught anything. One wanted nothing to do with it, and the other just lacked experience.

Unfortunately 3 adults did get away. I'm hoping the dogs will get them later, or that they will just move onward. There's a lot of work to be done to the coop, probably going to put a thin pad of cement underneath, but it's really stinkin hot outside now.

Whee!! Let's hope we don't have to do that again!

Edit: add two more to the total!

Edit: and another two...

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Dan said...

Sounds like fun was had by all!