Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Interesting Things

And now for the June installment of "keywords that lead people to one of my domains!"

"what should i do with my chicken if its scared" Stop whatever is scaring it.
"hot drawings" Hmm, I've done a few of those, I don't post them on line though... ;-)
"oh my gosh you scared my insides song" Oh my gosh I'm so sorry (what?!?!)
"rubber blanket germany offset printing" I know what this means but it makes me want to say "rubber baby buggy bumpers"
"abused chicks for sale and where to get them" Criminy, that just sounds awful.
"chicken party pic" Heh heh, a spy? What happens at the chicken parties stays at the chicken parties! :-)
"fly lady work sheets" No idea...
"what did the first impala look like" I could tell you but I'd have to kill you.
"show me chicken wire"
"show me ornamental poultry"
"tell me the history of bantam chickens" Geez, demanding aren't we??
"chicken man" Ah yes, if you find one with the right qualifications please do send him my way, okay?
"are ducks white" Only the white ones.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I can't stop laughing...those were good ones, and Katherine, your commentary was "fabulous darling, fabulous".
I especially liked the "impala" and the "oh my gosh", along with the "chicken party pic".

hehe :-)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA oh man these are always great!!! i love it when you post these...such weird search inquiries....