Sunday, March 05, 2006

third time's a charm?

I tried to write this late last night. I was using a different computer, since I was house-sitting, and when I went to spell check the posting, it actually ate it. Well, it was more complicated than that, the spell check is a pop-up window, and the browser blocked it, so I tried to accept it, but then the whole page loaded again, and... gah! My writing, gone! All gone!

Oh well, it's not like I had anything useful to say anyway. :-)

So then I was going to write it earlier today but blogger was being a wee bit moody... as in not working. So here I am now.

I *finally* finished cleaning chicken coops yesterday, and got all the breeding pens set up with the exception of a few of the best birds, who will stay separated til after the show in Monterey, so that they don't inflict harm on each other in the mean time. Chickens are brutal little buggers. I will give them a week to "get acquainted," so to speak, and then will start collecting eggs. It's a late start, but I don't ever tend to have much ready for the fall shows anyway. So there should be chicks out in about a month. Whee! (oh my, I'm so not ready for that!)

The next show is also the last show of the season, which I'm hugely sad about. :-( Somehow the show season seemed shorter this year, I'm not ready for it to end!

I watched "Cinderella Man" tonight. That is a very gripping movie. Oh my gosh I have a hard time watching fight scenes though! Ugh..

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